Friday, December 24, 2010


I've been lately consumed in a search for the perfect blue dress to match Isabelle Adjani in Possession.  She actually wears four slightly different versions in the 1981 Andrzej Zulawski film. And I'm a total sucker for the imperfect match, the near-match. All four dresses are mid-calf, flowing, light, silky, deep blue frocks that button up the back (the BEST part!) with tons of little buttons.  
The break down...Dress #1: This one's got short, puffed sleeves and a cinched waist. It looks soooo silky.
 Dress #2 : It's the same length AND color! And the exact same buttons up the back! Long sleeved. This one looks less silky and more like that thin polyester that all those 70s secretary dresses are made of. Something I really love about the dresses in this movie is that they are all so GRIMY. They're so soft and flowing and princess-like, but they get so stained with ooze and blood and a million other things. I'm always afraid to wear pristine vintage because I know once I wear it I'll just completely mess it up and ruin it and feel guilty about it, but Isabelle Adjani's character is a total mess. She goes from clean and perfect to totally filthy, and it looks GOOD.

Dress #3: This one is my favorite. Long sleeved and modest, like dress #2, but the sleeves are tighter and the dress is more fitted. There's also a lacy part at the neck. And, amazingly, the very same buttons going up the back! Another thing I love is that she's always wearing blue sheer stockings and these amazing blue victorian style booties that are just a perfect blend of witchy and prim.
Dress # 4: This one's only worn once (she wears the others multiple times, which is something I love in movies!). Long sleeved, but this time v-neck and a fuller skirt. Again, soo many buttons up the back!
There are a bunch of clips on youtube.
If you see a long sleeved royal blue calf length dress that buttons down the back, help a sister out & let me know!