Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obsession: Net Bonnets

burgundy net with tiny dotted black bows                                                black net with tiny black velvet dots

I discovered these wonderful items one day while on the hunt for whimseys ( be discussed in a later post), and upon examination I couldn't quite figure out what this strange net with a tie closure and odd shape was. Some other kind of whimsey? Snood? Hood? Bonnet? I asked the shop owner how it was meant to be worn, and he kind of squirmed and said "um....however you want?" which kind of made my blood boil, but I just bought the thing and got out of there.  I found two more at thrift stores, and that pretty much sealed my fate:  from then on I was wearing them constantly.
black net with lace and itty bitty rhinestones

They're just so perfect - not as theatrical as a whimsey and they keep your hair in place and make you feel like a little doll. I love that each one has its own tiny accents (my favorite is the burgundy one with the little bow pattern!), and I really wish I could find more.. sadly, all this time I've only stumbled upon these three. It seems they're a bit difficult to search for, as no one seems to know what to call them.  I've found that mostly they are simply called snoods, but they really oughta be in a category of their own!


  1. Hello! Just saw your comment on my blog, thanks for visiting!

    I've never come across a name for these, as they're mostly a forgotten accessory, being as no one does their hair anymore ;)

    I just call them net bonnets, and use them often when it's a bit windy out, to protect my hair. You've probably figured this out, but the ribbon bit goes around your neck, letting the tulle encase your hair. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of me wearing one, they really can be quite stylish!

    great blog by the way!

  2. Hey thanks! If you ever photograph yours I would love to see :)
    Also I didn't realize before that you have an entire blog dedicated to vintage hats!!! I LOVE IT