Friday, December 10, 2010

Obsession: white face powder

lablanche face powder ad c.1904                                                                 c. love lookin lovely in hole's miss world video
I don't think its unusual to love the classic, pure look of white face powder, but trying to find some in this day n age is sure to make you feel like an utter freak.

The ladies at Sephora looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I was using it for Halloween.  I don't know why they bothered asking, 'cause they didn't have any. I ended up at the Halloween store 'MASQUERADE' and picked up a couple products reputed to" look great, even after a clowns long work day."

The only other white powder I could find when I searched online later was this Manic Panic uber goth pressed powder, and although a part of me is truly loving the over the top marketing, the other part just wants to find some nice, plain, LOOSE white face powder in a nice, plain, old-fashioned container.

manic panic virgin pressed white powder                                                                   current ebay listing for baby blue puff & powder box set
 Finding the actual powder PUFF has not been any easier.  I'm having such trouble finding a huge acceptably fluffy puff.  I can't bring myself to consider anything other than swan's down...nothing surpasses it in fluffiness or in softness. And besides, it's far too iconic to resist. Sadly, they just aren't made anymore. One would think it would be reasonably easy to find a vintage one, but...not so.

Etsy really let me down in the puff category - not a SINGLE down puff! The only one I could find is this current Ebay listing, and at $94 and not even 3" wide, just doesn't seem worth it.

Thankfully all of my searching was not completely fruitless. I managed to stumble upon this AMAZING flickr page of vintage face powder boxes, all beautifully and crisply photographed!
vincent.zp's vintage face powder boxes on flickr - a must see!!!
 Really, you HAVE to look at it! I'm just drooling over them. I'm in love with every. single. one.


  1. I use cornstarch for a white face powder. My skin is naturally quite pale and I find it works better than most face powders I have tried.

  2. ooh! thanks for the tip kate! i will try that! i had filled this antique powder jar with baby powder because i like the look of a big jar of white powder on the vanity, but it's not so cool to walk around smelling of baby powder...corn starch is a good alternative!