Tuesday, December 21, 2010


classic lace-up boots from old ebay auctions
Often when I'm bored I like to look at photos of decrepit Victorian and Edwardian shoes on the internet. There's something so fairytale-esque about the shriveled, crumpled toes, characteristic dents that can't be smoothed, and lovely crackled leather. It reminds me of Miss Gulch in the Wizard of Oz. When I was little I was very influenced by Miss Gulch. I liked her so much, even though she was evil.

these are both from my favorite site for poring over old shoes
these are from bobby dene vintage, another great site for shoes
It's not just the typical witchy boots I love, though. The slippers are just as perfect. Cinderella-esque. So delicate and crumpled. You can imagine them being danced in all night through at a ball, and this is what was left over after everything turned back to rags and pumpkins.  They evoke so strongly the feeling of pinched feet, of an epic event, and they even seem to carry the marks of toes having been stepped on. It's all very romantic. 
from 1860-1960
I think my favorite shoe from this time period is the high button boot. Search as I might (and it seems like Victorian shoe styles are getting more popular so WHY is it so hard?) I cannot find a faithful reproduction ANYWHERE.  Curse all you petite ladies with tiny feet! This amazing UNWORN pair of beautiful black high buttons is on Ebay NOW! Size 6. Someone buy them!  My feet are too big :(  I'll have to wait around for a repro.
A couple more links:
A nice little selection of pre 1920 shoes on ebay
Really decent reproduction shoes unfortunately her store is down right now but there are also really nice old ads you can look at.


  1. I wouldn't normally go for clothes from that era, but I agree those boots are cool.

  2. Hi Wanda! Yes I am much more into the shoes than the clothes. Although, I have to say that when I do see the clothes in person it kind of takes my breath away. I'm a sucker for old lace.