Monday, January 17, 2011

BABY DOLL (1956)

There aren't many movies I would call PERFECT, but BABY DOLL is certainly one of them.  I think it was the first Elia Kazan movie I ever saw - and the first Tennessee Williams film adaptation - and I was completely blown away - I can't stress it enough - PERFECTION.  It looks beautiful (from the gorgeously shot black and white to the beautifully dilapidated farm and Southern tableau, to the beautiful Carroll Baker), it sounds beautiful (the music is great, and I don't think I could possibly love Carroll Baker's accent more), it's completely entertaining - riveting - and fun to watch.  The acting is amazing, the building of tension and the masculine/feminine dynamics are so wonderfully framed and conveyed.  Just so. well. done. The kind of movie that resonates and resonates and resonates and resonates and resonates...

had to put up two shots of this scene...i LOVE the idea of washing yr stockings in the tub like this

fractured americana

quintessential nymphet played to perfection

Isn't the poster design so great too? As are the beginning title screens, by the way! Beautiful perfection. I finally got to see it in the theater back in October, and it blew me away all over again.  Anybody else seen it?


  1. ooh, haven't seen this one but I did recently see Kazan's flicks: "A Gentleman's Agreement" which was so-so, and "A Face in the Crowd" which is a must-see. Looking forward to checking out "Babydoll."

  2. i also recommend splendor in the grass! no movie has come together more beautifully than that one. each part forming an undeniable powerful WHOLE. i havent seen a face in the crowd! gotta watch it thanks!

  3. Wow, it looks like such a lovely film, I must watch it!! Also, thanks for all the great advice!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue