Saturday, January 8, 2011


Anyone interested in the so-called 'baby groupies' of the Sunset Strip in the early 1970s has heard of STAR Magazine: the beloved, short-lived (only 5 issues EVER in 1973) teen mag dedicated to groupie culture and featuring some of the most famous and young groupies of that time.

I thought I would share some links that allow access to this forgotten gem of the press:

1. - Ryan Richardson's AMAZING website with FULL SCANS of EVERY SINGLE STAR ISSUE EVER!!!!! Not only that but its all uploaded using a great program where you can turn the pages by the corners and hear a pleasing "whoosh" as you do so. Perfect!

2. Dagny's STAR Picasa Album - This has a few un-watermarked scans from the June 1973 issue (the final issue), which has my favorite article, "Sunset Strip Groupies," featuring a great interview with Sable Starr (my favorite of all of 'em) and Queenie.

3. Dagny's Aug 1974 CREEM Album - Some great scans from the August 1974 issue of CREEM, which had a cover story "SPECIAL REPORT: The Girls of Hollywood" that goes into detail about the teen groupies and STAR magazine and has some great photos, including the legendary shoot with the most famous baby groupies (Sable, Lori Maddox, Queenie) and the New York Dolls during the time that Sable was dating Johnny Thunders.



  1. Fabulous throw backs! I love looking at the vintage magazines, thanks for providing them!

    VPV Intern

  2. your welcome! thanks for stoppin' by!

  3. what????? this is so cool! oh my god, i want to watch almost famous now

  4. some good further reading is PLEASE KILL ME, which has a little section about the groupies and also lots and lots about sable starr, mostly because of her long tumultuous relationship with johnny thunders - also lots of interviews with her which were rare! she kind of hid her prior lifestyle as an adult and never wanted to talk about it.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I am definitely checking out the site you mentioned. I was a big fan of Star magazine and wish I could get my hands on some hard copies. Thanks for the link and the memories. I found you on In The Hammock Vintage. I am on the list this week, too.

  6. I learned how to trim my eyebrows from a beauty advice column in Star magazine.
    I must have been all of 14, though the girls weren't much older themselves ;)