Monday, January 3, 2011

Hats are a girl's best friend

Just thought I'd share two recently acquired hats! I got this beautiful pink satin hat with a golden brown velvet ribbon from a local vintage store. Not sure of the era.  It looks so perfectly 30s but the label suggests early 60s!

I just bought this one from Lefty Lou Vintage on Etsy! Isn't it amazing? I just watched that Gloria Swanson movie Why Change Your Wife? the other day (it was good! and streaming on Netflix right now, so watch it!) and there were lots of ostrich feathers, and I loved them! I love how 20s this hat looks, but I think it is actually 60s as well! Do you guys have any confusing (era-wise) hats like these?
The seller has another really nice orange hat with feathers for sale that I have my eye on too...

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  1. oh were i chic enough to wear a turban, so elegant. my grandmother did, she was something else...