Sunday, January 23, 2011


So hard not to slip so frequently into Courtney Love early 90s nostalgia.  The queen of kinderwhore cool and such an influence for girls my age, she pretty much personified what every girl felt growing up in suburban America. At least all the girls I ever knew.
I still see these old photos and covet her even-then-vintage babydoll dresses with white lace collars, smeared red lipstick, and ruined, bleached-out hair. Vulnerable, desperate, ragged, and aggressive, she was at her beautiful and fascinating peak during this time.  Here are some of my favorite Love photos, most all can be found at, which is one of those GREAT fansites that have a million photos organized impeccably by type and year (don't you love those?).

the famous famous SASSY cover photo

OMG didnt you LOVE when she was dating twiggy ramirez??? and i love that mm is wearing a twin peaks shirt here

want that dress.

everyone remembers this photo series. so cute
pre nose job...i WISH there were more photos from her teen rebel years
Some video links:

I still listen to the first two Hole albums a lot... and the videos for Violet and Miss World are A-MA-ZING: VIOLET
I know I already posted a still from Miss World in my post about white face powder, but GOD how that video made an impression on my young mind... not to mention the end of Violet, which resonates still.

Behind the Music on Courtney Love - this is actually really good.

1995 kurt loder interview

on warhols 15 minutes  ....pre-nose job! and SO cringe-worthy (not because of her nose, it totally lame and gross that I do prefer the fake nose?), but her DEMEANOR in this...what a strange and fascinating little glimpse....


  1. best POST EVER!!!!! I was a total Sassy girl, I remember that cover with Kurt, and the first song I ever learned on guitar was "Doll Parts"!!! I miss the 90s cynical-romanticism and the grrrrl-influenced femininity that I really came of age with.

  2. i know! i am so PROUD to have been molded by that fragile and confused era. & is it just me or did the 90s have this particular introspective poeticism, that, admittedly, could go terribly wrong, but.... the lingering taste was so sweet

  3. i like live through this, but i LOVED celebrity skin in high school. i would go over to sarah's house after school all the time and listen to it and like, make weird drawings. very cathartic for a teenage girl.

    courtney love is so weirdly fascinating. hah! to preferring the fake nose.

    it's interesting to see this 90s aesthetic coming back so strongly in fashion now. and with tavi gevinson teaming up with jane pratt to make what i imagine will be an updated sassy, who knows how far it will go?

  4. great post! i wish there were more pictures of that crazy 80's make up! i have a few baby doll dresses and some doc martens, but i feel like i just can't rock the look like courtney could

  5. she was such an icon of that time for sure, though I think I was afraid of her love her disheveled vintage looks so much, wonder where all those dresses are now...

  6. I've just found this post while randomly searching for courtney pics on the net. I got into Celebrity Skin when I was about 17 and never looked back. I get so nostalgic for the kinderwhore years. I'm planning to do some Courtney/Hole posts on my blog soon. This is great inspiration