Thursday, February 3, 2011


The other day I received pretty much the most amazing hat ever.... It's a huge black bird made of the smoothest black feathers, and it curls around your head!! Or - as shown, on top of your hat! I'm completely obsessed with it. (Bought from the Vintage Hideaway on etsy) I might take some more photos soon - this one is from the original listing.  The bird is even lined on the bottom with a thick woven material so it will sit perfectly as a hat on its own ! The listing said 1940s, but it just seems so hard to date.. what do you guys think?


  1. Fun! Do you already have an outfit planned?

  2. Aaaaaaaah! What a hat! What a hat!

  3. i dont have any particular outfit actually searching for the perfect light colored hat (cream?) right now to wear under it....that way itll really stand out! since my hair is black and the hat it came with is black, it seems like it wouldnt be in its full glory unless contrasted against something light !

  4. hi
    nice hat,
    I wish I was brave enough to
    wear a hat like this,
    first visit