Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I bought these lacey victorian-y shoes and realized how much they go with my recent sheer obsession....aside from the sheer dresses i posted the other day - and I've already ordered some vintage shirtwaist dress patterns to make my own sheer frock- SO excited, I've even been practicing tailor's tacks ! - and I also bought a pair of beautiful crochet lace white gloves the other day (I'd been looking around a while for the perfect ones.. they are very similar to these:)

So apparently it's going to be a sheer spring for me. With shoes, gloves, and dresses, I will be totally decked out head to toe, ha. I can't wait for the shoes to arrive, and I think meshy lacey shoes are perfect for warm weather...I'm not a big sandal girl, so I guess this is my equivalent.. there are lots of cute ones on etsy, and I'm thinking of starting a collection... (click images for links)

i have these in blue
these are in the shop right now!


  1. Oh my goodness, my grandmother has a ton of Grasshoppers! She's got an amazing collection because she's kept a lot of her clothes from the '50s on. I occasionally come home with things from her attic. :-)

  2. cool! are you her size? my grandmother had tons of amazing shoes too (think LOTS of ferragamos) but she had smaller feet than me :(

  3. I love the first pair!! They're all so fun!

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  4. I love your fun inspiring blog!
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