Monday, February 14, 2011


30s silk chiffon  (DearGoldenVintage)
Have any of you ever sewn a sheer dress? I love 30s and 40s sheer dresses and have been thinking of taking on the somewhat daunting task of sewing one of my own, maybe even a sheer 50s shirtwaist... I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this, and what you know about working with sheers, what the best way to transfer pattern markings might be (tailors tacks, I'm thinking?)
I was browsing around Etsy for some sheer inspiration and here are my personal faves.

sheer 40s rayon (TheVintageStudio)
pale blue sheer party dress (QuirkVintageClothing)

40s sheer navy dress (sashasarene)

50s chiffon (simplicityisbliss)
20s pintucked dress (DearGoldenVintage)
30s ruched silk chiffon (allencompanyinc)...THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE

20s organza velvet and lace dropwaist (VeraVague)


  1. I want them all! Oh my goodness, sewing sheer fabric sounds difficult--I have no advice.

  2. I love the last 3, and yes, I've been drooling all over that ruffled navy one for a long time now!

  3. I love sheer dresses. I have a few vintage ones but I have only ever sewn one once. I always just use chalk to mark the fabric, which worked but not as well as I hoped. Not sure what else to recommend.

  4. thanks for the input kate! that is good to know it worked at all, maybe i will just try it out..

  5. The second one from the top is SO. JOAN. BENNETT. Oh man, now I want one. I'm also hung up on your post about collars. Good luck with your project!

  6. ooh youre so right! p.s. I LOVE SCARLET STREET OMG

  7. My gosh, am so loving your dresses on your blogg, so beautiful!