Tuesday, March 29, 2011

baby's first sheers

I've sewed up my first two dresses in sheer fabric! They are both rayon. The one on the right came first, from a 1930s pattern. The back is slit peek-a-boo style, but I haven't gotten around to sewing a little button at the top to close yet.

The other one is a 60s shirtwaist. I really love it and think I will wear it often (that's a first, in my sewing history). It's got a peter pan collar, cuffed short sleeves, and a big billowy skirt.

When I chose the fabrics, they seemed SO sheer, but with all the stitching and the facings, etc, they came out much less sheer than I'd imagined! There were some super super sheer fabric options that I was thisclose to selecting but balked at the last minute. So I'm thinking on doing another even sheer-er, maybe this time with a pin-tuck bodice.
Added a few sheer dresses to the shop too; check 'em out!


  1. They are both lovely, great choice of fabric. xx

  2. wow, can't believe those are your first attempts at sewing dresses. what awesome basic and elegant pieces, you'll get a lot of cute outfits from them I'm sure. wish I had those mad skillz

  3. You did it! Congrats! Gosh I wish I could sew.

    PS: Check out how I just found Joan Crawford's "This Modern Age" (1931) on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDu_UmE4ErA). Too good not to share! If the link doesn't work, just search box the movie and the year, you should be able to clap eyes on a blondined Miss C in all her bias-cut evening gown wearing glory. My whole lunch hour was Crawford city. :)

  4. I have nominated you for a blog award :)