Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missouri , hair, & sorry

SO sorry I've been so MIA lately, no excuse really..... but I wanted to share some exciting news.... I'm going to Kansas City! Usually when the Mr. goes on tour I try to go on a little vacation myself, and this time me and the BFF are packing up and flying to Missouri! We were there once before (albeit only for a 1.5 days) a few summers ago when we completed the age-old cross-country trip to spend the summer in LA helping my friend make his first feature-length movie ( I was in charge of wardrobe and so got to scour the thrift stores all over the US on the way!! It was pretty much a thrift store tour of America). We really liked KCMO and decided to go back, in part because of my more recent obsession with victorian hairwork, and the queen of the collector's resides there and operates what I believe is the ONLY museum dedicated to this lost art. So basically the whole trip is centered on that, Leila's Hair Museum in Independence, MO.

Seriously, you guys, this lady is pretty much my idol. She has over 400 hair wreaths and over 2,000 pieces of hair jewelry. Not only that, but she collects all sorts of other hair-related things, such as hair postcards!! I'm going to be a total dork about it and try to have her sign my Collector's Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry (!!!), in which her collection is featured extensively.

I PROMISE I'll write more about hair jewelry soon, there's just SO MUCH to say about it, you know? I only have two pieces so far, but I just love them love them love them.  Every piece is so unique and fascinating and had such a history....I'm REALLY excited!!!

Any other things to do in the Kansas City area? We want to do lots of vintage shopping of course! Any other recommendations would be much appreciated!!


  1. I wish I'd known about Leila's Hair Museum when Paul and I were in the area. It looks fascinating! Have you been to the Dean & Deluca in Lenexa? It's the only one in the middle of the country. I spent waay too much money there. If you didn't get a chance last time, you should check out the World War I memorial and museum and (my favorite) the (free!) Nelson-Atkins Museum. I would drive back just to visit it again.

  2. Wow, thats about all I can say wow!!!

  3. my goodness, that is so cool! I love how your tastes are both historic and morbid (like mine)

  4. I was just up in St. Louis in time for the tornadoes this past easter weekend! Wish I'd've made it out to the hair museum, I saw their entry on and I was like...oh man. You should check that site out, they always have the best retro/kitsch tourist destinations (like a giant shoe made out of shoes, which I'm pretty sure in somewhere in Missourah...). Have fun! Take lots of photos!

  5. arrrgggh amazing! I LOVE hair jewelry and have couple of fab Victorian pieces, i think they are super beautiful and this woman blows my little socks off!