Monday, November 28, 2011

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Hi guys! As of today I've started a Twitter account just for Honey Hi Vintage! Let's follow each other?? Gimme all your twitter names, I need vintage buddies!!! @HONEYHIVINTAGE :)
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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've been obsessing lately over 40s hand carved wedge sandals from the Philippines. They were bought by soldiers during WWII as souvenirs to bring back home to their gals. 

these are currently for sale, albeit incorrectly marked to see






still for sale! click to see

 There are a few on ebay right now too! I just bought a pair on ebay for 99 cents last week. They are too narrow for me but GORGEOUS.
Here are two currently listed nice ones:

Monday, November 7, 2011


 Hey everyone, I recently got this old nurse uniform from an estate and desperately need help dating it... I am so stumped! The woman I got it from didn't know anything about it and guessed it dated WWI. From the seaming (especially the back bodice seams & very bunched gathering at waist), the tiny buttons, the high neck, and the length I would say the same - 1910s. However, I can't find an exact match anywhere online or in old red cross photos, etc. The hat it comes with looks more like the WWII style; it isn't as nunnish (yes I made that word up) as the WWI hats seem to have been. And the patch style looks just like the nurses aide patches from WWII. I know there were Red Cross nurses aides during WWI too and perhaps they used the same patch (I just couldn't find any photos). Also I am stumped by the breast pocket, which looks so 30s to me... can anyone help?

Photos below are WWI era. They seem to match, kind of, but not exactly...

Thank you for any help!!!!!!